Valentine Equine was established in 2013 with a passion to create unique horse riding clothes that set you apart from the crowd whilst maintaining the old-world class that is synonymous with equestrian sports.


We are currently enjoying combining technical fabrics with flared styling to create unique performance attire. Recent lines are introducing regenerated fabrics and muscle compression to equestrian sports.


At Valentine Equine we believe all people have a right to respect, compassion and fair pay for their skills in the workplace. We wanted to build a responsible brand and ethically manufacture goods with artisans, not in sweatshops.  Our horse riding clothes are made in an environment where the staff are happy, paid fairly, provided with medical insurance for themselves and their children and most importantly where we can visit, oversee and generally pop in any time, have a look around and chat to the people making our garments.


We are passionate about the environment and aim to reduce plastic usage wherever possible.  We aim to use recycled plastics or Cassava bags that are recyclable with paper, and safe for sea life to eat. Our shipping bags are recycled plastics, cardboard or compostable, and we only use paper based stickers and swing tags. Each part of the process is thoroughly thought-out and approached with minimalist ideals.

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